Balance on Hands and Feet


Twisting reality, Adrien will turn your world upside down with his hand balancing act. His breathtaking skills of unparalleled balance will wow and charm your audience.

The spectators were astonished when the 22 year old talented acrobat performed his skillful act. The unusual positions and movement of his body displayed his unique style. He seemed to defy gravity with ease. ”mutatis mutandis”

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Mirle’s dislocated leg position balanced on top of a very small slilt truly surprised the audience. We were all very impressed with is acute sense of balance ! ”mutatis mutandis”

Frankfurter Rundschau Online



To view Adrien’s hand balancing act click here.

For a brief look click here.

Technical details

Duration: 5.50 min

Stage requirements: mini. 2 m wide x 2 m deep x 4 m high     (height possibly lower with modification from my requisite)

Light and sound System